2015 - Keep Wiseman Alive IX.
The ninth Keep Wiseman Alive show was held on the 14th of November 2015 in Barba Negra Music Club, Budapest, Hungary.

By the beginning of 2015 Tamas Toth became the new drummer for Wisdom, but another member change overshadowed the year too. Mate Bodor joined the British pirate metal band Alestorm and he played the summer festivals with them already. Anton Kabanen, the founder and songwriter of the Finnish Battle Beast became the new guitarist, who parted ways with his band just a few months before that.
Originally the show was planned to be the live presentation of the new Wisdom album, Rise Of The Wise, with a well-known special guest band. Unfortunately in the very last moment the band cancelled their European tour together along with the performance on Keep Wiseman Alive. Around this time a new album release date was decided upon, which was planned for September, but was changed for the beginning of the next year. For these unexpected reasons cancelling the show was discussed, but was ultimately decided to go on.
The stage was decorated with some raisers which went up to the sides of the drum kit. The huge ravens from Marching For Liberty album covered the front of the drum raiser. In the front on the side drops the Wisdom coat of arms were seen in red design and in the back on two additional side drops the band itself.
Although Mate left the band they remained friends and it was obvious to invite him to play some of his favourite songs. These were God Rest Your Soul, Failure Of Nature and At The Gates. And for the honour why Anton joined Wisdom they performed three Battle Beast songs too in a row, Out Of Control, Kingdom and Black Ninja.

The guest bands were Bloody Roots and Demonlord from Hungary.

Wisdom line-up on this night Setlist Judas / Fallin' Away From Grace / Somewhere Alone / Fate / Wisdom / God Rest Your Soul / Failure Of Nature / At The Gates / Marching For Liberty / Ravens' Night / Hunting The Night / Heaven And Hell / Battle Beast - Out Of Control / Battle Beast - Kingdom / Battle Beast - Black Ninja / Live Forevermore / Strain Of Madness /// War Of Angels / Take Me To Neverland