Birth of Wiseman
      Wiseman is our mascot figure. He appears on our album covers and his life story can be followed through some lyrics as well. The idea of his looks and outward characteristics was a collaboration between the well renowned graphic designer Gyula Havancsák and the band itself. His features include the long white hair and beard, ruddy eyes and a steel lockjaw which makes him unable to speak. His most important tool is the book filled with the wisest sayings of the world, entitled "Words Of Wisdom".
Meet Wiseman
      Wiseman has been with us since the band was founded. He has been featured in many of our videos, joined us on stage, and has appeared on album covers and various merchandise products.

On kickdrums (2005)

On the stage (2006)

On kickdrums (2006)

In music video (2007)

On sidedrop (2012)

On sidedrop (2012)

Merchandise (2013)

On the stage (2013)
Story of Wiseman
      Dark and dreary times were permeating the lands of the empire, where not so long ago the rule of justice and freedom seemed unbeatable. Evil forces grabbed the power, whose sneaking goal was to bewitch innocent people in order to control them as they please. At first only the groveling, and hypocritical creatures became the subjects to the usurpers, but their persistent treachery burnt with such a mighty flame that almost all mortal beings became submitted by and by.
      The books that were declared the means of satanic power and everything carrying the spirit of ancient heroic times was put on bonfire. Those who could have opened the eyes of the bewitched and tortured people by preaching the wise sayings were struck with horrible capital punishment.
      An old wise man was doomed to his fate, who was in for the fulfillment of his destiny at the place of execution in chains. On his mouth, so that he cannot let out a true word in his last hours, a wrought iron lockjaw was put, which was fastened with enormous curse. No one knew his name, nobody knew his origin, he was simply called WISEMAN.
      Whether miraculously or maybe as the incarnation of divine will, he managed to escape from his incarceration and rescue the book of knowledge entitled: Words Of Wisdom.
      Long-long years passed since the wise old man escaped. The power of evil forces grew even more barbarous as time went by, and the few who were strong enough to resist subservience were instinctively driven to seek the knowledge that might lead them to a better future.
      During his long, lonesome exile, WISEMAN found peace in the depths of a long forgotten, mystical forest, knowing that those seeking the truth would soon find him, and then he could teach the ancient thoughts in his book, Words Of Wisdom, which was saved from the flames to give the people hope in the engulfing dark ages.
      Those who were seeking truth and knowledge gathered in great numbers. Wise thoughts captured their minds and the hope for a better age strengthened in them increasingly. They knew of the long and tiring way that lay still ahead, they took it on with all its difficulties and dangers nevertheless.
      But true faith and persistence wasn't unbreakable in everybody. Exploiting the vulnerability of one of them, evil nestled itself in here also. The Devil's words promised an easier and more glorious way, at the end of which incomprehensible power shone. He was standing At The Gates of Heaven and Hell and his weakness overcame him. As the pact was sealed he had no turning back anymore.
      Long months passed while his darkened soul completely filled with hatred towards WISEMAN and his teachings. Judas was seeking the perfect time to execute his gruesome deed, betraying everything he had believed in and everyone to whom he had belonged. His bewildered mind urged him to perish the wise leader. Should his wicked plan finally succeed, the last resistance to all consuming evil would fall forever, and infernal chaos would spread through the land for there would be no power to restrain it.
      Judas was ready to attempt his dreadful deed when suddenly WISEMAN turned around and their eyes met. The old man's gaze, filled with immense wisdom, pierced the traitor deep into his soul and thus prevented him from fulfilling his insidious plan. In that moment he realized how deep he had sunk and how far he had strayed from the beliefs that once he was striving for with pride. The remorse he felt recaptured his faith and it became clear to him that he has to stand with doubtless devotion on the side of wisdom and never again submit to false temptations.
      During this time, oppression and pain held sway all over the world. The tyrants fought with more arcane means than ever to subvert the rebels, and without mercy against those who were seeking the circle of knowledge. WISEMAN knew the day he had waited for so long had finally arrived. The fire of hope lit in his followers hearts as he came out from his shelter to lead them in the defeat the reign of the evil empire. This was the beginning, the Marching For Liberty.
      Many people within the walls of the empire lived in fear of it. Although they heard WISEMAN's call they never had enough courage to go search for him in the depths of the mystic forest. Only when they learned that the old leader and his followers were marching towards the evil oppressors in unity to strike down the powers of the dark forces, did they start a secret movement from within. With the help of the loyal ravens they were able to communicate with WISEMAN to enable their plan to attack simultaneously from both inside the walls as well as from the outside at the same time. They believed when the show of force began, more and more renegades will join them whose hearts were filled with passion.
      With great tension and hope, the Rise Of The Wise against the tyrants was at hand. When all conditions were right the ravens brought the final sign. On this Ravens’ Night, as it was later named, WISEMAN and his followers broke through the walls of the empire. All the rebels from inside came out from their hiding places as well. The long awaited attack, which could finally bring justice after the long oppressive tyranny, had begun...